Big City Butterflies & Moths Survey

Hampstead Cemetery,
10.45 - 2pm
Open to the public

In collaboration with the Big Cities Butterflies’ project, this is a special Camden Green Gym session to find out what species of butterflies and moths inhabit Hampstead Cemetery & if they like our wildflower meadow! We will also be carrying out practical Meadow habitat management as part of our continual care and enhancement for the plant diversity. Meet on site, by the monument in the middle of the Cemetery. Closest stations: West Hampstead, and then walk North or take bus 328 along West End Lane that becomes Fortune Green Road, pass Tesco and the entrance is on your left before meeting Finchley Road. Walk down the main drive until you get to the roundabout punctuated by a monument, chapel, which is our meeting point (NW6 1DR).

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Fortune Green Road,
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