Clean up Day in Historic KEY HILL Cemetery in Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, Hockley.

Key Hill Cemetery
Open to the public

Voluntary Clean up Day at KEY HILL Cemetery known as the hidden gem near Warstone Lane Cemetery . Items Required :- Your time. Gloves. Sturdy Footwear. Garden Tools if able. Packed Lunch. The Friends of Key Hill Cemetery & Warstone Lane Cemetery are a voluntary group working to research, inform, preserve, and promote these two historic cemeteries in Birmingham Jewellery Quarter , Hockley. The Friends are the only voluntary group to maintain these cemeteries with regular clean up days. The Friends also raise funds to enable monuments to be restored with Heritage Open days and History Fairs. These historic cemeteries are the final resting place of many notable people including:- Buried in Key Hill Cemetery ( non-denominational ) Joseph Chamberlain ( 3 time Lord Mayor ) : Joseph Gillott ( Pen maker ): Alfred Bird ( Custard ): Thomas Avery (Scales) William Murphy (anti Papal Lecturer ) : Constance Naden ( Poet & Philosopher ): John Skirrow Wright ( Postal Order ): Marie Bethell Beauclerc ( First Female Reporter -Shorthand). Robert Lucas Chance (Glass Mfr, Crystal Place) Joseph Tangye ( Industrialist ). Buried in near by Warstone Lane Cemetery Cof E are :-John Baskerville ( Printer & Typographer ): Major Thomas " Harry " Gem (co-founder of Lawn Tennis ): Dr.Pye Chavasse ( Medical Author): Private James Cooper (Soldier awarded the V.C ) John Postgate ( Surgeon & Food Safety Campaigner ) William Chance ( Chance Brothers Glass Mfr )

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Key Hill Cemetery
Key Hill
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