Interactive Showcase with Onjali Rauf

Backburn Cathedral
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Open to the public

Campaigner for women's and refugees rights and prize winning children's author Onjali Rauf, will be sharing "Herstory" and why there is no such thing as a an action too small. this will be an exciting, informative, lively and uplifting interactive event that will showcase not only Onjali's own experiences in seeing the truth unfold but also in the volunteering work of local people of Blackburn wih Darwen. How often have we thought "What can I do?" whilst watching wars unfold, hearing of refugees dying out at sea or reading of yet another case of abuse or murder, but what we all too often forget is the ripple effects that a single action, launched with a simple intention can yield.

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Cathedral Close
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