The Kabbalah Centre London
6 pm - 9.30 pm
Private Event

This is the time of year to celebrate all the volunteers of The Kabbalah Centre London and say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the invaluable contribution each and everyone is making to the Kabbalah Centre London by volunteering and helping our organisation fulfil the mission of The Rav and Karen Berg, to build a better world with no more chaos, pain and suffering. The volunteers are invited to our Volunteer Appreciation Event 2019, on Monday the 3rd of June at 6 pm, and they will be our guests to our amazing following event: The New Moon of Gemini, at 7,30pm. This will be a special evening to honour them, filled with surprises, food, love and also a personal gift will be reserved for them.

Event Contact Details

Ruth Barzi - Volunteer Coordinator

Event Location

12 Stratford Place
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