Inviting political figures

Inviting a local MP to your event will show them first-hand the great work volunteers do in your area.

You can find your local MP and their contact details by entering your postcode or location on the Parliament website. Use our MP invitation template to create your invite.

It’s up to you whether to send your invite by post or email, but make sure you include your postcode either at the top of the letter or in the email subject line. This helps your MP identify you as a constituent.

It’s important to remember that charities are required by law to be party-politically neutral. Here’s some Charity Commission guidance on this.

Tips on getting MPs to attend

It can take MPs’ offices a while to respond as they receive so much post. However, if you have not heard from them after two or three weeks, you might want to call them to check they have seen the invitation.

Events on Fridays are usually best for MPs because Parliament does not sit on Fridays and they spend the day in their constituencies. Thursday evenings and Monday mornings can also be good options.

Local MPs like to attend events that are also photo opportunities, which they can use with the local press or on their own blogs. Think about what suitable activities they could do with your organisation or which volunteers they might be interested to meet. You may also want to produce a press release about the visit and contact the MP’s office to offer to draft a quote for them.

Every single person had a certificate, and that was presented by the mayor or deputy mayor ... they thought it was absolutely outstanding that they received such a high-quality reward and recognition event."

Shelley Hart, CEO of Havering Volunteer Centre