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Posted on the 7th June 2018

Maggie first applied to be a volunteer with Blackpool Council Adults Volunteers Team in 2009, in her own words “I like socialising and mixing with all different people and I like a challenge. Because of my stroke and having to give up my job which I loved, I feel as if I have a lot to offer and would love to get involved with volunteering to regain my confidence”. Maggie tried several of our roles but the one she finally settled with and truly makes a difference is the ‘Sitting Service’. She visits the same person each week for two hours, giving the carer a break so they have time to go shopping or catch up with appointments without worrying. Over the years she has supported many carers, often sitting more than twice a week for different clients.  Despite having a stroke herself, which has left her arm paralysed and affected her walking, she uses the services of volunteer drivers to not let this prevent her from carrying out her role. Over the years, she has supported a wide variety of clients who have become friends and not just clients whom she visits. According to Maggie, the best bit of volunteering is:

It enables me to get out of the house (otherwise I would be just staying in) and gives a purpose in my life which before I hadn’t. 

Maggie also remembers one client who she went to sit with who had also just had a stroke and, on seeing Maggie with her disability, was inspired to try and get mobile again herself.

Alongside her volunteering, Maggie attends regular training courses and especially liked the dementia training which she feels is particularly relevant to the clients she is now supporting, giving her helpful tips and guidance which she can put into practice. She also attends the monthly socials when she can where she gets to meet other volunteers with the same values and goals.

Never think you can’t do something, there’s always room in your life to help other people and, who knows, I may need that help myself one day.

Maggie Pardoe

Maggie volunteers with Shared Lives volunteer service provided by Blackpool Council

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