Ella’s Story – #iwill Ambassador

Posted on the 5th June 2018

Hi, my name is Ella, I’m 11 years old, and I am an #iwill Ambassador. I’ve been an #iwill Ambassador since November 2017, and my role with the #iwill campaign is to share my voice with others to inspire them to get involved in social action too. This #VolunteersWeek, I was asked to share my story to celebrate how younger volunteers can get involved in social action – as you are never too young to start and I think it’s really important that young people are listened to and asked to take part!

Picture of Ella smiling and wearing a t-shirt with the #iwill logo on

Getting involved with social action

I decided to get involved in social action because I wanted to help people. I started my journey when I was about seven years old, mostly through school by doing different fundraisers. I love all the different ways we can fundraise, for example, I wore my pyjamas to school for Red Nose Day, I did circuits for NSPCC, and I baked lots and lots of cakes! Although they sound small, they all add up and help in lots of different ways.

Picture of Ella supporting #iwill at The Women’s March in London.

My first campaigning march

When I was nine years old, I went on my first campaigning march, The Women’s March in London! This was a brand new experience but it was amazing and so much fun. It was about women’s rights – how we are all equal and should be treated like that. Even though everyone looks (and is) different, they should all be treated the same. It was important to me because I’m a girl and I feel like we should be equal. If you have never been on a march I would totally recommend it, especially if it’s something you feel very passionate about.

Ella at the Women's March in London.

Ella at the Women's March in London.

I was 11 when I went on my next march, with my mum, dad and sister – it was great to get involved with my family. This was the NHS March, about how money should go towards that and not nuclear weapons. there were lots of people there and I really enjoyed it! It was important to me because without the NHS, I wouldn’t be here. The NHS is really important and keeps the whole of the UK healthy.

Ella at NHS March

Ella at NHS March

Becoming an #iwill Ambassador

In the middle of 2017 I became an #iwill Ambassador. At the launch event, all the new #iwill Ambassadors from across the UK met up to talk about the meaning of social action. I really enjoyed the day at the Tower of London and learned lots of new things. Some people’s stories about how they helped other people were really inspirational and made me think about my own impact on others!

Picture of Ella smiling and wearing a t-shirt with '#iwill Ambassador' written on the back

Social action makes me happy and I feel lucky that I get a chance to enjoy being part of it.

I think it’s so important to do the things that make you feel happy – and helping others is definitely a good way to do it! I would like to see how we can make sure everyone gets the chance to do it – and feel the benefits too.

I’m a lot more confident about doing social action now, which is great because not only is it a good way to occupy yourself, but also a way of changing other people’s lives!

My Five top tips for social action

  • Be confident in yourself
  • Focus on helping others for other people’s happiness (and you’ll feel happier in return!)
  • Believe in the charity or cause you’re helping
  • Enjoy your social action
  • Be you and just try your best

Today, the 5th June, is Share Your Pledge Day for the #iwill campaign. Get involved on social media, and share your #iwillPledge to get more young people involved in social action!

#iwill encourage other people to get involved in social action and show how it can bring people closer together. What will you do?

Ella Kiely

Ella became an #iwill Ambassador in 2017, and has been involved in social action since she was 7.

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