Rosie’s Trust highlights the power of the volunteer

Posted on the 29th May 2024

Rosie’s Trust, the only charity in Northern Ireland aimed at keeping people and their pets together, is one of the many organisations celebrating the hard work of volunteers across UK over the next couple of weeks.

In the run up to Volunteers’ Week, people who give their time in communities across the UK are being brought into the spotlight so their incredible work, dedication and selflessness can be recognised. Throughout the week itself, hundreds of celebratory events and activities will take place across the UK to give well-deserved appreciation to volunteers.

Rosie’s Trust’s aims

One organisation that relies heavily on volunteers is Rosie’s Trust, a charity formed by Bangor resident Bronagh O’Neill in 2015. The charity helps people stay with their pets so they can focus on their own health and wellbeing.

Bronagh was inspired to set up Rosie’s Trust having witnessed the difficulty a friend experienced trying to take care of their dog during cancer treatment. She subsequently learned that many people in similar circumstances had to surrender their pets at a time when they needed them most.

Today, Rosie’s Trust offers peace of mind and practical help for people, and love, care and safety for pets. The charity’s services include walking people’s dogs, emptying cat litters, taking pets on vet visits, and providing short-term animal fostering. All of this is aimed at helping people living with cancer, people receiving end of life care, and older people with mobility issues.

The vital role of volunteers

“We simply couldn’t exist without volunteers,” explains Sandra McFadden of Rosie’s Trust. “From the people who answer our phones to the people out walking dogs, we have an incredible volunteer workforce who keep our services going.

“Volunteers’ Week is a great chance to say thank you to the brilliant people who give their time and hopefully inspire others to do the same, so organisations like ours can continue to help more and more people.”

David Moore, volunteering support officer with Volunteer Now, adds: “Rosie’s Trust is a wonderful example of how volunteers change lives. We hope to see as many organisations getting involved with Volunteers’ Week as possible, so we have plenty of resources online to help them plan an event to reward their volunteers.

“There’s a huge need for more volunteers in Northern Ireland, and Volunteer Now makes it easy for people to find opportunities that suit their needs. As Rosie’s Trust demonstrates, the world is a better place when people volunteer.”

Visit the Rosie’s Trust website to learn more

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