‘Administering my first vaccine was the most rewarding experience I have ever felt’

Posted on the 4th June 2021

Volunteering for St John Ambulance

During my time as a hospital volunteer I saw the impact the coronavirus had on patients and staff and it made me want to help us get out of this situation as quickly as we can.

It’s had such an impact on everyone – both in terms of health and many other aspects of life – so the sooner we can get vaccinated, the sooner we can get out of this horrible situation.

The vaccination training was so thorough and administering my first vaccine was the most rewarding experience I have ever felt in my St John Ambulance career, and probably my life so far.

It sounds really cheesy but to see people with underlying health conditions and older people leave their home – in some cases for the first time since the start of the pandemic – and to be given the privilege and honour of vaccinating them is something I genuinely cannot describe.

To be surrounded by so much positivity and to see these members of our community so happy and cheery after what has been such a difficult period for all of us is so incredible!


Besides my St John role, I also volunteer with In2MedSchool that mentors aspiring medical school students, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We only started a couple of months ago but we’re already getting very good feedback. We work with schools to encourage more students from a wide range of backgrounds to consider a career in medicine or the allied healthcare professions.

Alongside webinars and various online resources, each student is given one-to-one mentoring by medical students and junior doctors who want to give back to their local community.

What motivates me to volunteer

I’m inspired by women who are doing incredible work in any field, especially those from different ethnic groups.

It sounds cheesy but the thing that motivates me the most is the opportunity to make people happy or help people in whatever way I can.

St John Ambulance provides opportunities for anyone to develop skills, so it’s a two-way relationship. Whether you are 10-17 and in school, a university student, or an adult, it doesn’t matter. Anyone and everyone is welcome and accepted in St John!

The vital work we do helps people across the country and everyone’s role in the charity is essential, whether it’s transporting a patient using one of our St John ambulances or working in a radio control room. If you’re not able to volunteer or choose not to, please donate to St John Ambulance or a chosen charity.

Since the start of the pandemic people have seen the impact we make on a much larger scale and they can see how passionate we are about helping make sure everyone’s health needs are met.

Myurri Lohesan

Regional student volunteering officer, St John Ambulance

Myurri is a 23-year-old medical student. She supports first aid societies in East London, and she’s passionate about encouraging young people from diverse backgrounds to consider a career in medicine or the allied healthcare professions.

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