‘Volunteering has been essential to reducing the negative impact of the pandemic on our communities’

Posted on the 2nd June 2021

Here in Suffolk, Volunteering Matters has played an essential role in reducing the negative impact this global pandemic has and is still having on our communities.

Volunteering during the pandemic

During lockdown we continued Capoeira classes virtually – I met with our mini youth social action team for some Saturday fun where we:

  • ran virtual quizzes
  • danced
  • learned about important topics from internet safety to positive black history, as well as trying to help them cope without school and real-life interactions.

During these sessions, we realised we could support those potentially isolated. This resulted in children’s packs that have been so important in helping safeguard and support many families in Ipswich.

A safe space with WASSUP

The WASSUP (Women Against Sexual Exploitation And Violence Speak Up) team has also met on Zoom to record podcasts on topics such as victim-blaming and consent. You can find these podcasts under ‘WOW women of WASSUP!’ on Spotify.

I’ve been able to be in a safe space with other women I can relate to and with staff that are invested in hearing us. I have been able to gain confidence, experience and the belief that I can break barriers to fulfil my ambitions.

I’ve had the support to get through other struggles that many of our women didn’t have the privilege to forget during the pandemic.

I’m so proud to be a volunteer for Volunteering Matters and to be part of the incredible support that’s given to communities right across the UK.

Lanai Collis-Phillips

WASSUP full time volunteer, Ipswich

Lanai, in her early 20s, is a volunteer and #iwill Ambassador. She has been a volunteer on the WASSUP (Women Against Sexual Violence and Exploitation Speak Up) project – a social action project raising awareness of sexual exploitation, racial inequality and other issues - for over four years.

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