Getting inspired

Here are some ideas to help you plan your Volunteers' Week celebrations.


To celebrate your volunteers, you could organise:

Raise awareness

To raise awareness, you could:

  • consider your physical presence on market stalls, in public squares, libraries, supermarkets, high streets, county shows or hospitals
  • pitch a story to your local newspaper or radio station.


To develop your volunteer base, you could run:

  • a volunteering fair or open day
  • a recruitment event
  • a conference
  • a training event
  • an induction event.


To share the remarkable work of your volunteers, you could organise a:

  • breakfast or lunch
  • coffee morning, afternoon tea, picnic or barbeque
  • curry and quiz night
  • Pimms and pizza party.

Get active

To thank your volunteers, you could arrange a:

  • wellbeing walk
  • boat trip
  • treasure hunt
  • pottery café event
  • floristry session
  • day at the farm.


To broaden your reach, you could:

  • work with other organisations
  • partner with local volunteer centres
  • contact local councils.

Be unique

Be adventurous! Past Volunteers’ Week events have included a:

  • ‘learn the lingo’ workshop for international volunteers
  • scarecrow festival
  • ‘BioBlitz’
  • ukulele concert.