Running an event

Events are a great way to thank your volunteers. Find out how to plan, publicise and run an event.

Should I run an event?

A Volunteers’ Week event will bring people together to celebrate volunteers’ contributions. Whether you run an event is up to you, but here’s some ideas to get you started.

An award ceremony will show your volunteers how much you value their work. Use our certificate template to recognise their contributions and read how to run an awesome awards ceremony for your volunteers to help you plan.

Events can also help you recruit volunteers. Recruitment events can generate broad interest in volunteering and attract people who may not have considered it before.

For more inspiration, find out what other organisations did last year

It’s very important that volunteers feel organisational appreciation, rather than just their manager or co-ordinator."

Maria Galan, Volunteer Co-ordinator, Housing for Women

How to run an event

Events are the most popular way organisations celebrate Volunteers’ Week, and running one doesn’t have to be difficult. From small tea parties to large-scale occasions, what matters is that your volunteers feel appreciated.

NCVO’s online Studyzone course in event management can help you learn the basics of planning and running a great event. This four-part video course is free to NCVO members and is invaluable whether or not you’ve run an event before.

You can also check out our top tips on how to run a stress-free event, or find more helpful advice in this article on fundraising events and challenges.

Publicising your event

Once you’ve got your event planned, you need to spread the word. Read how to promote your event and use our free press release template to get in touch with local media.

We had 650 volunteers that came together... at an event where the whole of the community got involved."

Shelley Hart, CEO of Havering Volunteer Centre